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Making FinTech 101

With contributions from Innovate Finance members

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At a glance

  • 50 hours e-learning course
  • Suitable for senior executives, analysts, managers and associates
  • Self-paced learning
  • Expert learning advisor from the OU
  • Work-based activity
  • Certification on completion
  • OU digital badge issued
  • Cost £695

Key course themes

  • Digital banks of the future
  • Big data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Payment evolution
  • Blockchain technology
  • Virtual currencies
  • Alternative finance
  • Regulatory challenges
  • New markets and opportunities
  • Creative disruption


Contribute knowledge and skills to innovation and change programmes within their organisation
Demonstrate a broad understanding of how financial services has evolved and how it currently operates
Explain how technology and regulation is impacting on financial services and the drivers behind this
Be familiar with key financial, economic and technological terms and concepts and the ability to communicate effectively about them
Analyse and recognise the significance of trends and the role of stakeholders in the FinTech space and their impact on the future of future of financial services


Disruptive FinTech in 2014

if ou finfacts fintech generated 20 million revinue
if ou finfacts 24 most successful companies london

Filling the Skills Gap

if ou finfacts 75 firms fear skill
if ou finfacts 44 firms say sourcing talent

Traditional Banking by 2020

if ou finfacts 500 billion spend traditional banks
if ou finfacts  35 estimated risk by fintech innovation

Opportunities in FinTech

if ou finfacts employees per city
if ou finfacts 135000 employed in fintech uk


  • “FinTech 101 is a great opportunity to learn about the origins of FinTech and the complex factors that have led to its creation and growing influence. Crucially it gives an insight into how FinTech innovation is pushing boundaries and shaping a future of finance that is sustainable and meaningful for everyone.”

    Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO
    Innovate Finance
  • “To ensure the FinTech sector prospers, it is important that we encourage, nurture and develop new talent. Driving knowledge and education, to enable students to be equipped to enter the ever changing Finance and Technology environment, is pivotal to inspire future growth and ideas. We welcomed the opportunity to work with The Open University and help create relevant and engaging content.”

    Anouska Ladds, Head of Emerging Payments Distribution
    MasterCard UK&I
  • “I am extremely impressed with this module. It is well structured and clearly well conceived by an author who understands the topic. Putting it into simple terms, it flows and thus allows the learner to move through it on a well defined learning path. I am confident that the workload is not over burdensome, but having said that I can see that it will require commitment from the learner, which is totally correct.”

    Dr Barrie Kennard, Director of Leadership and Management
    Cardiff Business School External assessor for ‘FinTech 101: Understanding Financial Technologies
  • “This is an excellent introductory course to the world of finance, technology and how these two industry sectors can work together for the benefit of all.”

    Scott Housley, Former Group Director for Corporate Responsibility
    Monitise Group
  • “Designed by the most influential industry leaders and innovators, this course offers a solid and comprehensive introduction of FinTech and its impact on the world of banking. If you are interested in playing a part in the future of finance, this is a good course to take.”

    Mark Boleat, Chairman of the Policy and Resource Committee
    City of London Corporation
  • “FinTech and peer-to-peer lending have become great success stories for the UK, challenging the traditional model of finance, cutting out the middleman and putting the consumer first. RateSetter is proud to have supported The Open University in the creation of this new course.”

    Rhydian Lewis, CEO
  • “SyndicateRoom are disrupting early and growth stage financing for SMEs and are only able to do it through financial and technological innovation. Working on the FinTech 101 course was of keen interest. We want continued growth in this sector and it can only come if we can equip and attract the very best talent Europe has to offer. It felt important to take an active role in the shaping of this course through my direct experiences of innovation in product design for various global brands.”

    James Sore, Investment Director

Member contributors

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Individual cost £695

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